Online Logistics System is an automated logistics system created to solve FEA tasks online. The main goal of OnlogSystem is full digitalization of logistics processes for both our clients and our partners.

OnlogSystem is:
  • Online shipping cost calculator
Constantly updated tariffs' database, as well as algorithms that build separate logistic legs into a single route, allow to calculate the cost of cargo delivery online. Users can sort the offered delivery options by cost and transit time parameters, as well as filter them taking into account personal preferences;
  • Online calculation of customs and other FEA services
Customs, inspection, certification, warehousing and other foreign trade services calculator allows to calculate the cost of a complex logistics contract online;
  • Instant selection of HS codes
If an HS code is unknown, it is easy to select it using OnlogSystem by entering the name or technical characteristics of goods. Correctness of the selected code will be checked by our specialists after the start of work on the logistics contract;
  • Customs calculator
Based on the HS code, the system allows online calculation of customs duties, taxes and fees, as well as obtaining information on non-tariff regulation measures of goods;
  • Automation of business processes related to international transportation
Client's personal account allows to manage supply chains in real time: to promptly issue a transportation request, upload and download required documents, track transaction costs and its balance, as well as interact with a personal manager.

OnlogSystem is a modern tool for managing foreign economic activities. It simplifies and optimizes business processes, providing customers with the best quality of services and a high level of efficiency of supply chains.