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LLC OnlogSystem provides services to represent the interests of foreign companies, conducting practical and legal steps required for sales of goods on the territory of Russia for remuneration (without having property rights of the goods being sold).

Who might be interested in this service?

Foreign producers and wholesalers who want to sell their products in the Russian market in small wholesale or retail.

Scheme of work

We take goods of our clients and do the rest of the job for them:

Delivery Delivery of all categories and sizes of cargo from the place of production to the border of Russia by all modes of transportation: air, marine, rail, road, multimodal, FCL and LCL cargoes. Low price, fast delivery and wide transportation geography is provided by direct contracts with major global carriers.
Certification Selection, delivery and customs clearance of samples for certification; sample testing in accredited laboratories and issuance of certification documents that fully comply with the state regulations.
Labeling Labeling and record keeping of the labeled goods in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation, including adaptation labeling, Data-Matrix, QR-code and EAC labeling.
Customs clearance and services related to it. Fast customs clearance with postponement of customs payments. Safety of services is provided by statuses of Authorized Economic Operator and Customs Broker that our company own.
Placement in
Placement of goods in one of our warehouses located in all major cities of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok.
Sorting of goods by articles, maintenance of the range and availability of goods in our warehouses, preparation of items for sales.
Risk coverage Coverage of risks in relation to the collection of deferred payment.
with buyers
Signing contracts, shipping and closing documents with buyers. Registration of commercial transactions in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation.
Receipt of
Receiving payment for the goods from the buyer in Russian rubles.
Shipment of
goods to
Shipment of goods to the buyer on behalf of the client. Delivery of goods through verified carriers; receipt of all closing documents.
Conversion of money received from the buyer into the currency of the contract.
Transfer of currency to the client at the same day or via cumulative payment. Minimum costs of currency transfers, currency conversion at MOEX rate.

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Why choose Drop&Sell?

In order to be in the market, business needs to be close to its customers. Yet, entering new markets requires having considerable financial resources and time. Drop & Sell solution allows having all the benefits of doing business in Russia without the need to invest resources in foreign capital and to deal with specifics of commercial and accounting operations of the country. Here are some advantages of doing business with Drop&Sell:

    • no need to register a legal entity
    • no need in leasing an office and a warehouse
    • no taxes related to doing business in Russia
    • no need to hire personnel
    • no regular salary expense
    • only payment of direct expenses related to delivery of goods, customs
      clearance and their storage in a warehouse
    • payment of our remuneration is due only upon the sale of goods


Please contact us at dropandsell@onlogsystem.com to calculate the cost of doing business in Russia via Drop&Sell. We look forward to doing business with you!

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